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Welcome to Consultancy Jan Reedijk 
 I am available for consultancy to companies and governmental organisations, like research councils and the European Union, on matters regarding metals and ligands, and their possible applications in medicine, catalysis, environment and molecular materials, and for science evaluations in the field of chemistry. My recent and earlier papers can be consulted at the website link given here. For activities related to the International Year of the Periodic Table and some scientific events, see below.
I am registered with the Chamber of Commerce, NL: 2818456

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Scientific, Legal and Technological Advice on Metals and Ligands
The field of coordination chemistry deals with (heavy) metals and their binding to (organic) molecules (called: Ligands).  When the ligands play a role in living systems, like proteins or nucleic acids, the field is called bioinorganic chemistry.

For  questions on matters of ligands and metals I can be consulted by email to or via my office at Leiden University, email:

Research information

In the field of Molecular Materials I have been giving attention to:
Molecular magnetic materials; Ion-exchange materials; catalytic materials; luminescent materials.

In the field of Catalysis I have been giving attention to Oxidation Catalysis with a focus on biomimetic systems based on Iron, Manganese and Copper.

In the area dealing with Metal;s in medicine, we have been largely focusing on Pt and Ru, and their binding to DNA and DNA fragments.

The international year of the Periodic Table 2019

The year 2019 has been the year for which UNITED NATIONS has decided to celebrate the Year as The International Year of the Periodic Table. The official website is at: and has links to all major, reported worldwide activities.
The grand flagship opening has been celebrated in Paris on January 2019 at UNESCO headquarters. The live stream is still available at:
The Closing Ceremony has been in Tokyo, December 5 2019. Here is a 5 hr video of the closing ceremony: The final report of all worldwide activities for IYPT2019 is available here:

Below I present my own Periodic Table, showing all elements I have worked on, and published, in my career starting in 1965. Orange-colored elements mentioned in my research publications. Yellow ones I did not publish on. Blue marked ones are radioactive and not studied by me.