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This is the home page of Jan Reedijk, Leiden. Brief links to my business and science activities are given below, including illustrations of most of my scientific, technological and consultancy activities.

I am available for Coordination Chemistry and Bioinorganic Scientific and legal consultancy matters, "Consultancy Jan Reedijk" (Chamber of Commerce, NL: 2818456) please contact me here. I am connected to ZZP Netherlands: ZZP-Nederland
Details and background of the consultancy website are found at: http://www.jan-reedijk.nl/consultancy.xhtml


My consultancy activities currently deal with several aspects of metal coordination by ligands, including molecular (magnetic) materials, homogeneous catalysis, green chemistry, metal applications in medicine and the environment, and also scientific evaluations.

My major professional academic activity link at Leiden University is here, i.e. directly linking to my former  office website

A recent CV is to be found here, or at Thomson Reuters.






I have been living in Leiden since 1961, and here since 1973:ant. duycklaan 4

I have worked  at Leiden University, Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Gorlaeus Laboraties, where I currently am Emeritus Professor of Chemistry.  

After retirement I have been active in consultancy, IUPAC activities, committee work and - more frequent than before - playing 2-3 times per week golf and also tennis.. From 2018-2020 I am a co-chair of the Inter-Union Managenent Committee to celebrate the International Year of the Periodic Table 2019. See www.iypt2019.org

A major editor activity with Elsevier is listed here.

One of my scientific interests deals  with the periodic table of chemical elements. Since my PhD I have published scientific papers dealing with 74 (of the 90 natural occurring) chemical elements, marked orange in the Table below. Yellow elements I did not study. Blue-colored elements are the radioactive elements I did not study.

My periodic table